Our growing season is short in Lacombe County, AB, but we make the most of the short season.  Our season starts in early spring with work in our greenhouse. We start almost all of our plants from seed ourselves.  We strive to grow the best quality bedding plants, flowers (annuals and perennials) and veggie starts in a sustainable manner that cares for our soil and the animals around us. 

We do our best to build healthy soil, provide natural habitat for insects, birds and animals.  We grow many unique varieties that have gone out of practice and you may remember from your Grandma's gardens.  There is nothing like smelling sweet peas and being taken back in your memory to those flowers that graced our childhood tables. 

We grow bedding plants, annuals and perennials, and veggie starts for sale in the spring.  Our greenhouse is Open May-June for retail hours.  We also grow a limited selection of cut flowers for order.