For Your Plate

Knowing where your food comes from is an exciting thing.  We love that we are able to grow and raise our animals here on the farm.  We love to share our farm produce with you.  We've taken the work out of growing your own food and given you the results, great quality with the convenience of ready to eat. 




There is nothing more tasty than eggs fresh from the farm.  Our eggs are collected multiple times a day, washed and refrigerated till you take them home.  Their yolks are a nice bright yellow colour. 

$4/dozen for on farm pick up or $5/dozen delivered

For delivery please contact us for locations and dates of deliveries



Nothing says summer more than a fresh bowl of strawberries.  Eat them fresh off the plant, cut up on ice cream, in smoothies or make the best tasting strawberry jam.  This year we are growing Seascape Strawberries.  They will be available in Mid August until freeze.

$20/ 4L pail

Please order ahead of time so we can ensure that we have them picked and ready for you.


Locally Grown Garlic

Variety: Music

The 'Music' cloves are large and easy to peel. The flavors of 'Music' are described as mildly to medium hot, with musky, rich taste.

Grown right here on our farm.