Cooking with fresh garlic is one of the most amazing things I have done.  I'll be honest I used to be a powdered garlic from the grocery store shopper.  That is till I tried cooking with fresh.  The taste is amazing.  Fresh garlic cloves last a very long time in storage as well.  They are less prone to sprouting as well.  In 2017 we harvested our first crop of Music garlic and sold out in record time.  In 2018 we will be offering 4 varieties for your culinary needs.

Garlic will be available for sale in mid to late September 2018

2018 Varieties

Music Hardneck Variety

One of the most commonly grown garlic.  This is a mild flavoured garlic that produces very large bulbs that can be broken into very large cloves.  It is from the porcelain hardneck category. 

Persian Star

A great all purpose garlic with a bite. It has a bit of a nutty flavour when roasted.  

Italian Softneck

A popular variety for Italian dishes.  It is a bold and spicy variety that lends itself well to many Italian dishes.  It is tasty when roasted as well.

Spanish Roja

Provides a deep rich flavour to any recipe.