Heidi Motz

Heidi has a Bachelors Degree in Applied Horticulture and is the passion that created Willow Lane Flower Farm.  While she took a decade off to focus on raising their 3 kids she has always had her hands in growing and flowers have always had more space in her garden then veggies.  Greenhouse and Nursery growing is her background. 


Arlen Motz

Arlen is an amazing supportive force behind the scenes here.  He works full time in Agriculture Equipment sales, is a Red Seal Journeyman Welder and all around handyman.  He puts up with Heidi's crazy ideas and provides the labour to complete them.  He's known to often pre-sell what Heidi hasn't even planted yet. 


Jordan, Ryleigh and Carter

These kids are often seen running in the yard or field having a grand time.  They help out as needed.  It's been fun to watch and listen as they learn all the plants that we're growing.