About the Farm

Our Story

Years ago while still attending Olds College, taking Production Horticulture, I learned about growing specialty cut flowers out in the open fields.  I was intrigued, hooked, drawn in.  But I didn't know how or where to put this dream into action.  So I took a job at a large nursery growing perennials and trees.  The dream of field cut flowers went dormant.  We lived in the city, we had little babies and my growing was limited to my small veggie garden and flower beds.  I didn't see how to make my small yard flourish into a flower farm.




Willow Lane Flower Farm is situated at the East end of Lacombe County, AB just outside the hamlet of Mirror.  We are a small 12 acre farm divided into our personal yard, pasture, hay field and with about 2 acres of cultivated land devoted to growing flowers and vegetables.  Currently we have about a 1/4 acre in perennials, about 1/3 acre in annuals and the rest devoted to cover crops and future expansion. 

We sell our specialty cut flowers on the Farm through our Farm Stand (coming in 2017), through Bouquet Subscriptions, by the bouquet and to our local florists. 


Fast forward a number of years and we finally had the property that was large enough to have a small chicken coop with chickens, the grass for the kids to play and fields that were empty.  Fields that were large enough that it felt a waste to leave them empty, but not large enough for traditional grain farming practices.  For years we wondered about those fields, but the dream was still dormant, waiting to grow.  In the fall of 2015 that dream started to grow again and we put many things into place to start Willow Lane Flower Farm in Spring, 2016. 

We started our 2016 season cutting our many beautiful blooms and taking them door to door to florists hoping they might see the beauty that we saw.  It was scary, nerve wracking.  But we sold our flowers.  Then we had a request for a bouquet and I made one up.  We had a few more requests for bouquets and over the course of the season we made bouquets up for anyone who asked. 

It was an amazing start and I can't wait to see what 2017 looks like.